Anna Krzyzowska o mnie


I live and work in a village near Warsaw among forests. I find lots of inspiration on every day walks, every season brings new wonders.

I surround myself with natural, noble materials, I do not like when something pretends something that is not. That’s why I chose to work with metal.

I think that a man should avoid excess of things, it distracts him, overwhelms him, that’s why I value minimalism.

But to feel good, to feel at home we need to decorate our space with a few items that are unique to us, that someone created for us.

Nature, durability, minimalism and uniqueness – these are my values on a daily basis and I have included them in my artworks and objects.

When a person develops, cares about the quality of his life, starts the journey to his true self – at some point he is no longer able to do a job he does not love.

That’s how it was with me. In the late thirties from finance employee of a large corporation, I became an artist and passion became my work. I feel satisfied and calm that now I am walking my own path.