Naturalistic artwork


Made from 1 mm steel

Powder coated – white matt

Dimensions 90 x 1,51 cm


I live in Masovia so birch trees, next to the pine trees, definitely dominates the surrounding landscape. Slender, with a white trunk and leaf curtains – it is a very elegant tree. I am particularly impressed by birches in snowy winter (now it’s probably only in the photos), where only black spots on the trunks and branches emerge from the white. It is one of the views to be ‘stared at’ for me.

Small holes are cut out on a large surface of the matt white varnished sheet of steel, so if the wall behind the artwork is dark, we will get a black and white pattern that will be emerge into three birch trunks on a sunny, snowy day. A very sensual artwork, I think it will fit well with the currently fashionable Scandinavian style. It is an artwork that will surely “silence” our interior – both material and the latter 🙂.