Installation from ivy leaves


The leaves are cut by hand from a 0.3 mm thick brass tape

I satinize the surface, bend it and protect it with varnish

I hang about 10 leaves on the cord and hang it on the ceiling with self-adhesive pendants


I have a huge amount of ivy in my garden – it grows in the least expected places, it climbs over everything. I like it so I thought to create a metal decoration that will resemble ivy. I cut leaves from brass tape, which I later shape into the shape of ivy leaves. I hang them on a transparent cord from the largest to the smallest – imitating the ivy that hangs on the wall.

Such strings of leaves look nice hung several pieces in the corner of the room, in the corridors, in the bathroom by the mirror. Even a slight gust of air causes them to move slightly, and the shiny surface “flickers”. They live in the interior, add lightness and brighten the space. The leaves can be made in brass (light gold or oxidized – old gold), patinated copper on “tiffany green” or in alpaca (silver color).