Brass mobiles sculpture


I cut the elements by hand from 0.3 mm thick brass plate

I roll the surface, sand it and protect it with varnish

The brass elements are connected by golden steel wire with brass tubes

Dimensions: approx. 68 x 78 x 78 cm


I have been dreaming about creating a mobile sculpture for a long time. It is an ideal artistic object for me: it decorates, attracts attention, is in constant dance, and the brass elements change their position all the time – they change shades. It is a light structure that can be hung from the ceiling on a self-adhesive hook.

The inspiration for this sculpture were flower petals that I made of brass sheet. The challenge was to design the composition and to balance all the elements so that the whole thing could move freely in all directions. With the slightest movement of air, everything starts to dance and the sculpture keeps changing.