Representative metal artwork


Made from brass 1 mm

Center made from copper 1 mm covered with natural patina

Dimension 93 x 93 cm

LED backlight optional


After watching the movie “Our planet” I set up a wallpaper with the Earth seen from space on my phone. I want to remember that my daily choices matter and affect the environment.


For quite a long time, I thought about how I could represent the Earth in my metal artworks. And when I tested different patinas on copper, their colors immediately made me think of our “blue planet”. On my wallpaper, the Earth emerges from the black abyss, however I decided to frame it in polished brass, just like a jewel – because it is extremely precious to me.


Both the brass frame and the patinated copper are covered with clear varnish for protection. Inside, I installed LED lighting that gives us the impression of a three-dimensional. The lighting is connected to the socket with a simple plug.