On second photo picture from https://frenchyfancy.com

A metal art work for the living room


Made in brass 1 mm thick

The surface is brushed

Dimensions 41 x 117 cm

Optional: LED backlight


I designed this artwork for an interior in the art deco style, but by its simple form it will also look good in a modern, minimalist interior.

The Empire State Building, opened in 1931, is one of the most recognisable symbols of New York. Monumental, elegant, with a simple geometric form, reflects the spirit of art deco style. This is how I designed the painting – it combines a simple, geometric form with luxurious material.

The LED strip and power supply are hidden behind the image. It would be ideal to connect it to the wall power supply, like a wall lamp, but you can also connect a plug-in cable to the wall socket. 230V power supply needed.