Garden sculpture


Made of 2 mm Cor-ten sheet

Wheel diameter 70 cm


The client liked my artwork “Grass” from corten. She has a lot of ornamental grasses in her garden, so this motif suited her very well. The artwork was to stand next to the terrace and was to be viewed from every side. A rectangular panel in my opinion looks good only when viewed from the front, besides, it would be too angular in this space. And so the idea was born to “write” the motif of grass into a circle and weld it to the corten base. With this form, it will look good set even in the middle of the lawn.

Garden decorations play an important role, especially in perennial and prairie gardens, where the period of the end of winter and the beginning of spring is quite poor in plants, and so the sculptures come to the fore. In addition, the redness of the rust goes beautifully with the green and beige of dried grasses.