Installation made of copper maple branches


I cut the leaves out by hand from a copper plate with a thickness of 0.3 mm

I bend the surface, color it with fire and protect it with varnish

I solder the leaves to copper wires and twist them into branches


Japanese Maples – countless tiny, cut leaves. In the fall, some of them turn into fiery colors. Not high in our climate, but with a beautiful shape. These are plants for the patient ones. They grow slowly and are quite capricious. I am struggling to make them feel at home in my garden.

For now, I made maple branches out of copper. Their coloring was accidental – by heating the copper with a burner, we can bring out fiery red shades from it. I cut the leaves out by hand with jewelry scissors, fold them, color them and solder them to copper wires. I combine everything into branches.

I love three-dimensional installations in interiors. They make the interior more interesting, intriguing and alive. Artistic objects fill the space and give it character.