Metal wall art in “urban jungle” style


Made from 1mm thick corten steel

The surface is covered with natural rust

Dimensions 100 x 70 cm

Option: LED backlight


There are number of species of Calathea plant, they differ in stripes and staining. Certainly, Calathea ornata is not so popular design motif as Monstera leaf, but probably it is more popular as a plant in our homes. I was attracted by its simplicity, the shape of the leaf is ordinary, but the characteristic stripes immediately specify the plant. Even if we do not remember its name. The urban jungle concept, which is very popular today, encourages us to introduce plants to homes, use wallpaper and textiles in huge tropical patterns, or at least put a single leaf in a vase.

I wanted to propose a leaf of Calathea ornata in corten, in a naturally rusted steel, which thanks to the backlight will create the atmosphere in the evening. Red corten fits beautifully with greenery, also this image would perfectly fit into a room full of flowers, to “urban jungle”.

The LED strip and power supply are hidden behind the image. It would be ideal to connect it to the wall power supply, like a wall lamp, but you can also connect a plug-in cable to the wall socket. 230V power supply needed.