A metal wall art for the bedroom


Made in 1 mm thick stainless steel

The surface is glazed and hand painted with gilding wax

Dimensions 92 x 92 cm

LED backlight


With this art work, I wanted to express the impressions I have when I look at the moon early in the evening. It is silvery and subtle to me, it gently drawn by light against the sky, it is like lace. By bending the portion of the moon we have the impression of a three-dimensional. This art work is simple, even graphic, both in its form and materials. An ideal place for it will be a bedroom or bathroom. Its gentle light will give the interior a calm atmosphere and prepare us to sleep.


The LED strip and power supply are hidden behind the image. It would be ideal to connect it to the wall power supply, like a wall lamp, but you can also connect a plug-in cable to the wall socket. 230V power supply needed.