Sensual metal wallart


Made from 1 mm thick carbon steel

The surface is oxidized, covered with tannin and hand-painted with gilding wax

Dimensions 92 x 92 cm

LED backlight


This is how I see the full moon on the black sky. It is huge and on a cloudless night it dominates against the black sky with its warm light. For greater contrast, I covered the oxidized steel with tannin, which creates a completely black, velvet coating. The structure of the moon was cut with a laser and illuminated with warm light. I painted the surface of the moon with aluminum gilding wax to reflect the surface structure – craters, seas and highlands. The moon is bent inwards which gives the impression of three-dimensionality. This art work is elegant, expressive and eye-catching. It would look good in the lobby, on the mezzanine, where it would be the main decoration in the twilight.

The LED strip and power supply are hidden behind the image. It would be ideal to connect it to the wall power supply, like a wall lamp, but you can also connect a plug-in cable to the wall socket. 230V power supply needed.