A metal wall art for the bedroom


Made of 0.8 mm thick stainless steel

The surface is mirror polished

Dimensions 70 x 70 cm

Option: LED backlight


With this artwork I wanted to reflect the impression I have when I look at the moon in the early evening. For me it is silvery and subtle, it delicately draws with light against the sky, it is as if lacy. Thanks to the bend of the moon fragment, we have the impression of a three-dimensional, as if the moon’s sphere was coming out of the artwork. This work is simple, even graphic, both in its form and materials. The perfect place for him will be a bedroom or a bathroom. Its soft light will give the interior an atmosphere of tranquility and prepare us for sleep.


The LED strip and power supply are hidden behind the picture. It would be ideal to connect it to a power supply from the wall, e.g. intended for a wall lamp, but you can also connect a plug-in cable to the socket. 230V power supply needed.