Diamond – stainless steel wallart


Made of 0.8 mm thick stainless steel

The surface is mirror polished

Dimensions 92 x 92 cm

Option: LED backlight


I created this wallart with a glamor-style interior in mind. Since this is not the style in which I create, I think I managed to design artwork that will fit into any modern interior. A diamond is something that I associate the most with glamor, and mirror-polished stainless steel is the best material to imitate the reflections it creates. The simple, graphic form reproduces the cuts of the diamond and at the same time makes the whole thing quite balanced.

I used a Philips HUE RGB LED strip to illuminate the artwork and after turning on the light, amazing drawings appeared on the wall. It was something that completely surprised me, and at the same time it is probably the greatest value of this painting. Please see the video.

The LED strip and power supply are hidden behind the picture. It would be ideal to connect it to a power supply from the wall, e.g. intended for a wall lamp, but you can also connect a plug-in cable to the socket. 230V power supply needed.