Black oxidised panels for cupboard


Made of 1.5 mm thick carbon steel

The steel was oxidized and protected with wax

Dimensions of one panel 87 x 70 cm

Handles made of the same material


The apartment mixes many styles: loft – due to bricks on some walls, Moorish, the beloved style of the owners, which had to appear – due to the tiles in the kitchen and the rug and urban chic – due to the warm grey on the woodwork and elegant lamps. The cupboard needs to fit in all this, as was supposed to be an important element of the living room.

Therefore, for door panels, I proposed black oxidized carbon steel, which introduces a loft, a bit harsh climate. Its surface is satin and the color is heterogeneous, it contains a lot of shades of gray, brown, black and blue. It varies depending on the lighting. It also adopts ambient colors due to its satin gloss. The color perfectly matched the sofa, which is covered with a material that looks like suede in dark steel colour.

The pattern on the panels was to refer to Moorish patterns. We were looking for the one for a long time, until I finally proposed a pattern inspired by one from a brass plate, probably from Iran, which I saw in one of the museums. And it clicked.

The panels have been glued to the fronts of the cupboard painted in dark gray matt.